Traffic Laws for Motorcyclists in St. Louis County

Most traffic laws apply to motorbikes just as they do for any other vehicle on the road. However, the courts tend to treat motorcyclists more harshly in civil cases. Without a skilled motorcycle wreck attorney, you may have trouble obtaining fair compensation in a civil suit.

If you were injured in a motorbike crash, consider reaching out to a lawyer to discuss the traffic laws for motorcyclists in St. Louis County. An attorney at Mutrux Firm Injury Lawyer could help you under how state regulations may affect your injury case.

Laws Governing Motorcyclists in St. Louis County

The state laws that require motorists to adhere to traffic signals, yield to the right of way, and follow speed limits apply to motorcyclists as well as other drivers. Following these traffic laws can help keep all motorists safe, especially those riding motorcycles that provide little protection from larger vehicles.

It is important to note that there are certain safety requirements unique to motorbikes. For example, motorcyclists must wear helmets when operating their vehicles, whereas other motorists do not.

Additionally, laws regarding motorbike use are evaluated and modified every year by the state and local governments. While these modifications and updates to the laws may be announced online, many drivers are not aware of these changes.

Motorists can stay updated on these changes by visiting the Missouri Highway Patrol website or other government-run sites. It can also be useful to contact a motorcycle accident attorney, as legal professionals typically keep track of important changes to traffic laws.

The Impact of Traffic Violations on a Motorbike Accident Case

Any traffic violation leading to an accident and subsequent damages could have a significant impact on the outcome of an injured person’s case. According to the legal concept of negligence per se, if the at-fault driver is issued a ticket at the site of the crash, they are automatically liable for the accident. This means injured parties must only prove they sustained damages, which may give them a better chance of collecting compensation.

However, negligence per se could also hinder a motorbike accident victim’s chances of recovering damages. For example, if a motorcyclist is cited for not wearing a helmet, they may be considered responsible for the injuries they sustained in the wreck.

This could limit the amount of damages a victim may recover or prevent them from pursuing a case at all. Anyone who was issued a traffic citation at the scene of a motorcycle accident should speak with a local attorney right away. A legal professional may be able to help injured parties recover compensation despite violating a law.

Police Reports in Motorcycle Injury Claims

The police officer reporting to the scene of a vehicle collision typically writes an accident report. This document may include each driver’s statement, the officer’s observations, as well as their opinion of who is at fault.

A police officer’s opinion concerning the fault in an accident is not admissible as evidence in a trial. Regardless of the level of fault stated in a police report, injured parties should reach out to a motorcycle accident lawyer with knowledge of traffic laws.

Speak with an Attorney about the Traffic Laws for Motorcyclists in St. Louis County

Traffic laws are put in place to protect everyone on the road, though it can be difficult to keep up with these changing regulations. A legal professional at Mutrux Firm Injury Lawyers could help you stay informed about the traffic laws for motorcyclists in St. Louis County. Call us today to learn more about how these rules and regulations may relate to your accident case.