Motorcycle Helmet Requirements in St. Louis County

People who like to ride motorcycles tend to enjoy doing so because of the rush and sense of freedom that comes with. However, due to the lack of protection afforded to motorcycles, riders are required to take certain precautions to help ensure their own safety in the event of an accident. One of these precautions is the requirement to wear a helmet.

Although wearing a helmet may seem like a tedious thing to do, you should keep in mind that, if an accident were to occur and a rider was not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident, the compensation they would be entitled to would be limited. To learn more about the motorcycle helmet requirements in St. Louis County, schedule a consultation today.

Are Motorcyclists Required to Wear Helmets in St. Louis County?

Riders in St Louis County are required to wear helmets while on their motorbike. In addition, all motorcycle helmets must be in compliance with the Department of Transportation (DOT) and they must have a DOT sticker somewhere inside the helmet. Although several helmets are sold in the United States that are not approved by DOT, they must have the sticker to ride in Missouri. There are no circumstances where an individual is not permitted to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle.

Could Failing to Wear a Helmet Impact an Award Amount?

Motorcycle helmets are key to protecting riders. In most motorcycle accidents, victims are known to sustain a variety of head injuries. DOT approved motorcycle helmets help prevent many of the head and brain injuries associated with motorcycle crashes.

If a person suffers injuries as a result of a motorcycle accident and they were found to not be wearing a helmet, they may be found contributorily negligent. This means that the plaintiff contributed to their injuries, and therefore, their damages are reduced proportionate to their own negligence.

Could the Type of Engine Impact Helmet Requirements?

Although there is no legal requirement for different types of helmets based upon the size of the motorbike’s injury, the rider should certainly consider wearing helmets with more protection when riding a motorcycle with a larger engine. For example, they should wear helmets with a face guard and facemask when riding a motorcycle that goes higher rates of speeds. It is recommended that they wear this on all types of helmets but especially on motorcycles that have more power.

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Helmets are an essential component to every motorcyclist’s ride. Failure to wear one could not only have negative repercussions on an injury claim, but the injuries a victim could sustain could prove to be severe, and in some cases, even fatal.

To learn more about the motorcycle helmet requirements in St. Louis County, be sure to reach out to an attorney today. A lawyer could inform you of the legal responsibility belonging to motorcycle riders and how failing to adhere to such responsibilities could have unwanted consequences. Call today to schedule a consultation.